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Bicon SHORT® Implants, TRINIA, and Telescopic Restorations – Paolo Perpetuini [HD]

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IDC-Italy presents the 1st European Forum On Short Implants at the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara in Ferrara, Italy. Join the master himself — Paolo Perpetuini — for his presentation on why Bicon SHORT® Implants, TRINIA CAD/CAM material, and telescopic restorations can provide the ideal combination for both you and your patients.


TRINIA®: The Need to Select the Adequate Prosthetic Material – Dr. Vincent Morgan [HD]

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IDC-Italy presents the 1st European Forum On Short Implants at the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara in Ferrara, Italy. This video features a comprehensive presentation by Dr. Vincent Morgan on TRINIA®, the revolutionary, metal-free CAD/CAM material. Dr. Morgan also shares a wealth of real-world clinical experience with Bicon — this presentation is not to be missed!


Odontología Digital: Pilares Universales y Poste de Escaneo Bicon

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Este video presenta los Pilares Universales y Postes de Escaneo Bicon como dos mejoras para facilitar las técnicas en la odontología digital. También demuestra el uso práctico de los Postes de Escaneo en un caso clínico.


Prefabricated Retentive Copings for Telescopic TRINIA® Restorations

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This video demonstrates the fabrication of telescopic TRINIA® prostheses using cemented prefabricated retentive and non-retentive titanium copings on Bicon Universal Abutments, the fabrication of light-cured resin jigs used for the orientation and insertion of the abutments, and presents five clinical case studies highlighting the benefits of these innovative techniques.



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Digital Dentistry: Bicon Universal Abutments and Scan Posts

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This video introduces Bicon’s Universal Abutments and Scan Posts as two enhancements to facilitate digital dentistry techniques. It also demonstrates the practical use of the Scan Posts in a clinical case study.


Full-Arch Telescopic TRINIA® Prostheses

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Join Dr. Laura Murcko for a comprehensive video case study demonstrating the clinical and laboratory procedures for the fabrication of maxillary and mandibular full-arch telescopic TRINIA® restorations in only three clinical visits.


TRINIA® Interview at IDS 2015

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Join Dr. Chris Salierno from Dental Economics as he interviews Dr. Vincent J. Morgan at the IDS 2015 in Cologne, Germany about TRINIA® — the innovative new dental CAD/CAM material.


Interner Sinus Lift in Kombination mit SynthoGraft™ und Restauration mit einer CAD/CAM IAC®

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Dieses Video demonstriert das gleichzeitige Augmentieren eines großen bukkalen Defektes und das Setzen eines 5,0 x 6,0mm Bicon Integra-CP™ Implantat in Verbindung mit einem internen Sinus Lift mit SynthoGraft™. Dabei wird ein Sinus Lift Abutment verwendet und die prothetische Versorgung erfolgt mit einer CAD/CAM gefertigten Integrierten Abutment Krone™ in nur drei Sitzungen.


Rialzo del Seno Interno Utilizzando SynthoGraft™, e Restauro Protesico con un Sistema CAD/CAM IAC®

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Questo video dimostra il simultaneo innesto di osso in un grosso difetto buccale e il posizionamento di un impianto 5,0 x 6,0 mm Bicon Integra-CP™ con una procedura di rialzo del seno interno, utilizzando SynthoGraft™ e un moncone per rialzo del seno mascellare, oltre alla protesizzazione dell’impianto con una IAC (Integrated Abutment Crown™) preparata con CAD/CAM, il tutto in sole in tre visite cliniche.

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