Monday, June 5th 2023 9:53AM EDT



“Having placed and restored other implant systems for ten years, with all the complexities and costs involved, I thank the day I was introduced to the Bicon system. The design of the implant makes for ease in surgical placement and the abutments afford unsurpassed restorative flexibility. My referrals have increased tremendously, my patients are happier and accept implants as standard practice and the growth in this aspect of the practice has been substantial. The support from the people at Bicon has been impressive; they are energetic and truly supportive. In fact all the people I’ve met who use Bicon have had nothing but praise for the system.”

Geoffrey Pullen | General Dentist • London, United Kingdom

“Bicon implants have played a major role in my practice growth. Because of it’s simplicity for both the surgeon and restorative dentist, Bicon implants have allowed us to move rapidly into a segment of dentistry that is absolutely vital in maintaining and enhancing practice volumes. The Bicon support team has proven to be extremely helpful, cooperative and genuinely caring. Three cheers for an innovative growing company that has been directly responsible for significant growth in my practice.”

Norman Aurlick | Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon • Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

"I initially did not venture into implants because of the technical problems with the attachments and abutments of others systems. However, Bicon’s prosthetic end is clean, easy, and quick.
Conventional dental skills are all that are required to fabricate a prosthesis. No screws or special wrenches are needed. The simplicity of the system has had an enormous impact on the cost of implants to patients. Despite the fact that the Bicon design has remained unchanged since 1985, this really is the next generation of implantology. Bicon has taught me how to do implants. They can teach you as well.”

John Rhicard | General Dentist • South Hedley, MA

“The Bicon System is ideal for the general restorative dentist…lab costs and chairtime are reduced because there are two major parts to deal with. Bicon offers an excellent training program with a knowledgeable staff for support.”

Howard Glenn | General Dentist • Memphis, TN

“I attended a Bicon 50-Hour course in August 2001. Armed with the knowledge, when I returned home I ordered the implant setup kit....The first week I had the Bicon supplies arrive, I placed several of them....I wish now I had the training sooner and was using Bicon before. This is bringing the fun back into dentistry and I feel I am giving patients the optimal care in dentistry.”

Mark Collins | General Dentist • Fort Mohave, AZ

“These are excellent courses. You are taken from the conception of the Bicon implant design through the surgical stages and finally on to the many different restorative options available to you. The speakers are all extremely experienced clinicians who will frequently drop in pearls of wisdom that will help you stay out of trouble in the future. The courses are fairly evenly divided between lectures, lab-based practicals and live-patient demonstrations so there’s no chance of getting bored. The team are all very helpful and friendly and by the end of the course everyone was really fired up and ready to start putting it all into practice.”

Bill Schaeffer | Oral Surgeon • London, United Kingdom

“The Bicon staff creates a unique experience by not only imparting the knowledge gained through years of working with the Bicon System, but also by laying a foundation for a support system that the clinician can use to their advantage in the future. The Bicon courses are an energizing experience and I can recommend them to the novice and experienced implantologist eager to begin profiting from the benefits only the Bicon implant can provide.”

Stephen N. Bakios | General Dentist • East Providence, RI

“I recently attended a Bicon surgical course involving the use of the Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC). The course was given in Rome, Italy at the offices of Drs. Marincola and Carelli. Dr. Marincola and Dr. Carelli are excellent clinicians and have extensive experience with the Bicon System and the IAC in particular. Their office facility is excellent for conducting a course of this nature. In addition to the value of the course, Drs. Marincola and Carelli are excellent hosts and assured we had a wonderful visit to Rome. I highly recommend this course. I have been restoring Bicon implants for over fifteen years and am now receiving referrals based on patient realization of the biological contamination at the restorative component of screw-retained implants. Patients are asking for Bicon having researched this on the web. This brings into focus the importance of the advance found in the IAC material which has no discernible interface with the restorative abutment when examined under a scanning electron microscope. So now we have a one micron union at the implant-abutment interface and none at the union of the restorative material and the restorative abutment. With this advance I will begin to place and restore selected cases in my general practice.”

Stephen R. Muecke | Oral Surgeon• Atlanta, GA

“I have been a Dental Technician for over 40 years and have had the chance to try just about every product on the market since then: from gold and acrylic veneers to the pressed ceramics or aluminum oxide sintered cores, to low fusion or refractory techniques. You name it, and like many of my colleagues, I have been there! The Bicon system and the Integrated Abutment Crown™ was introduced to me two years ago and, in comparison, I can sincerely say that I was fascinated by the fact that you can create all the ideal conditions for your tooth to be strong and functional—but most importantly—beautiful and full of life and color!”

Mario Alonso | Dental Techniciat • Mexico City, Mexico