"The simplicity and cost effectiveness of the Bicon implant system has convinced many restorative dentists that previously did not include implant dentistry in their practice to enjoy the benefits of patient satisfaction and implant profitability. Bicon is the implant system over 90% of my referring dentists ask for. The decreased long term maintenance requirements of the screwless attachment and fewer components make Bicon the premiere implant system available.”

Albert Terry Sweeney | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD

“Bicon implants have changed my practicing life. Out go screws, torque drivers and an expensive multiplicity of special tools and now, with the Bicon IAC, ™ preps and cementation. In comes conventional prosthetics, separate units, normal restorative instrumentation. The cost of implants to patients is now the same as bridgework, so the fee acceptance is not a problem. As the people at Bicon say, “Simple. The way it was meant to be.”

Clive Debenham | General Dentist • London, United Kingdom

“Due to the ease of restorability of this system, my general dental colleagues have at last found an implant that takes the intimidation factor out of restoring implant retained prosthetics. As a result, we are seeing an ever increasing number of implant consultations and implant surgeries. We are, in fact, seeing referrals an ever increasing number of practitioners who did not normally refer to us.”

Joal D. Camelio | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Attleboro Falls, MA

"I initially did not venture into implants because of the technical problems with the attachments and abutments of others systems. However, Bicon’s prosthetic end is clean, easy, and quick.
Conventional dental skills are all that are required to fabricate a prosthesis. No screws or special wrenches are needed. The simplicity of the system has had an enormous impact on the cost of implants to patients. Despite the fact that the Bicon design has remained unchanged since 1985, this really is the next generation of implantology. Bicon has taught me how to do implants. They can teach you as well.”

John Rhicard | General Dentist • South Hedley, MA

"I have been utilizing the Bicon Implant System almost exclusively for ten years. It is the most user friendly system, especially from a prosthetic standpoint.”

Kenneth S. Goldblatt | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD

“Having placed and restored other implant systems for ten years, with all the complexities and costs involved, I thank the day I was introduced to the Bicon system. The design of the implant makes for ease in surgical placement and the abutments afford unsurpassed restorative flexibility. My referrals have increased tremendously, my patients are happier and accept implants as standard practice and the growth in this aspect of the practice has been substantial. The support from the people at Bicon has been impressive; they are energetic and truly supportive. In fact all the people I’ve met who use Bicon have had nothing but praise for the system.”

Geoffrey Pullen | General Dentist • London, United Kingdom