“With over 25 years of experience, I enjoy the challenge of performing bone augmentation procedures when the necessity arises. However, my patients are often not so eager to undergo grafting procedures — and their reluctance can be a roadblock to successful implant treatments. With the advent of Bicon’s 6.0mm SHORT® Implants, I have been able to treatment plan many cases as routine implant placements without grafting with its additional expense for my patients. The Bicon SHORT® Implant greatly increases case acceptance and has allowed me to place many more implants without reservations about their success.”

Joseph Leary | Periodontist • Norwood, MA

“I have been placing dental implants since 1982, and I have been a Bicon customer since 1996. Since 1997, I have successfully used the 6.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant in cases that would have required grafting procedures and, in some instances, even nerve repositioning. The Bicon SHORT® Implant provides implant treatment for patients who otherwise may not have gone forward with their treatments.”

Clarence C. Lindquist | Oral Surgeon • Washington, D.C.

“I have been placing Bicon implants since 1997, and love their simplicity and reliability. I’ve been using the Bicon SHORT® Implant since it first came out in the UK. Although I am experienced in all types of bone grafting for dental implants, this SHORT® Implant frequently allows my patients to avoid the need for any grafting at all. I have to worry less and less about sinuses and nerves as the SHORT® Implant allows me to stay well away from them—patient acceptance for implant treatment soars when you don’t have to tell them about bone grafts!”

Bill Schaeffer | Oral Surgeon • London, United Kingdom