Sunday, June 26th 2022 8:15PM EDT



“Referring general dental practitioners have found that the simplicity of the restorative phase and decreased costs of this system has now made implant dentistry much more accessible to their patients. As a result, referrals have increased and implant dentistry is playing a bigger role in general dental practice.”

Alan Sidi | Periodontist • London, United Kingdom

"The Bicon Dental Implant System is fabulous. Its simplicity and decreased costs have pleased our referring dentists and their patients. Consequently, our implant case load has improved dramatically.”

Robert S. Johnson | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • St. Petersburg, FL

"I initially did not venture into implants because of the technical problems with the attachments and abutments of others systems. However, Bicon’s prosthetic end is clean, easy, and quick.
Conventional dental skills are all that are required to fabricate a prosthesis. No screws or special wrenches are needed. The simplicity of the system has had an enormous impact on the cost of implants to patients. Despite the fact that the Bicon design has remained unchanged since 1985, this really is the next generation of implantology. Bicon has taught me how to do implants. They can teach you as well.”

John Rhicard | General Dentist • South Hedley, MA

“If you have used a product long enough, you begin to see its strengths and weaknesses. After twenty-one years of using the Bicon Implant, I can only praise it. It is truly a predictable and simple implant system that works well in all areas of the mouth.”

William Grippo | Periodontist • Napa, CA

“Having placed and restored other implant systems for ten years, with all the complexities and costs involved, I thank the day I was introduced to the Bicon system. The design of the implant makes for ease in surgical placement and the abutments afford unsurpassed restorative flexibility. My referrals have increased tremendously, my patients are happier and accept implants as standard practice and the growth in this aspect of the practice has been substantial. The support from the people at Bicon has been impressive; they are energetic and truly supportive. In fact all the people I’ve met who use Bicon have had nothing but praise for the system.”

Geoffrey Pullen | General Dentist • London, United Kingdom

“I have been placing Bicon implants since 1997, and love their simplicity and reliability. I’ve been using the Bicon SHORT® Implant since it first came out in the UK. Although I am experienced in all types of bone grafting for dental implants, this SHORT® Implant frequently allows my patients to avoid the need for any grafting at all. I have to worry less and less about sinuses and nerves as the SHORT® Implant allows me to stay well away from them—patient acceptance for implant treatment soars when you don’t have to tell them about bone grafts!”

Bill Schaeffer | Oral Surgeon • London, United Kingdom

“Bicon implants have played a major role in my practice growth. Because of it’s simplicity for both the surgeon and restorative dentist, Bicon implants have allowed us to move rapidly into a segment of dentistry that is absolutely vital in maintaining and enhancing practice volumes. The Bicon support team has proven to be extremely helpful, cooperative and genuinely caring. Three cheers for an innovative growing company that has been directly responsible for significant growth in my practice.”

Norman Aurlick | Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon • Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

“Bicon implants have changed my practicing life. Out go screws, torque drivers and an expensive multiplicity of special tools and now, with the Bicon IAC, ™ preps and cementation. In comes conventional prosthetics, separate units, normal restorative instrumentation. The cost of implants to patients is now the same as bridgework, so the fee acceptance is not a problem. As the people at Bicon say, “Simple. The way it was meant to be.”

Clive Debenham | General Dentist • London, United Kingdom

“I’ve been practicing periodontology for over twenty-five years. I’ve taken courses in all the major implant systems and have found Bicon to make the most sense from a surgical, prosthetic, and profitability point of view. Periodontally, the tissue response is uniformly excellent. I can endorse the Bicon implant without equivocation.”

Joseph Leary | Periodontist • Norwood, MA

“The one-stage no load technique now constitutes over 60% of my Bicon Implant placement. It saves at least 15 to 30 minutes of chairtime for each uncovering visit and the restorative dentist can see the patient for the impression immediately after abutment placement. I am also using the technique in a high percentage of extractions with immediate implant placement. The success rate for immediate placement is comparable to that of placing implants in non-extraction sites.”

Clarence C. Lindquist | Oral Surgeon • Washington, D.C.

“After using numerous implant systems, I have at last found a system that is precisely engineered, robust and very reliable in clinical use. Surgical and prosthetic simplicity is the key to success and, with the Bicon system, the locking taper eliminates the perennial problems of broken screws and loose abutments.”

J.W. Stowell | Oral Surgeon • Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom

“I have been using various types of implant for the last fourteen years. I am struck by the simplicity of the Bicon system and some of its ingenious details. It is easy to use and, I feel, it definitely has a place in the spectrum of implant surgery.”

Robert Hensher | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • London, United Kingdom

“I have been utilizing the Bicon Implant System almost exclusively for ten years. It is the most user friendly system, especially from a prosthetic standpoint.”

Kenneth S. Goldblatt | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD

“With Bicon, I now look forward to an implant patient on my daily schedule!”

Dwane Brown | General Dentist • Framingham, MA

“The simplicity and cost effectiveness of the Bicon implant system has convinced many restorative dentists that previously did not include implant dentistry in their practice to enjoy the benefits of patient satisfaction and implant profitability. Bicon is the implant system over 90% of my referring dentists ask for. The decreased long term maintenance requirements of the screwless attachment and fewer components make Bicon the premiere implant system available.”

Albert Terry Sweeney | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD

“The Bicon System is ideal for the general restorative dentist…lab costs and chairtime are reduced because there are two major parts to deal with. Bicon offers an excellent training program with a knowledgeable staff for support.”

Howard Glenn | General Dentist • Memphis, TN