Wednesday, December 1st 2021 8:30PM EST

Overdenture: Brevis™ Abutment

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Brevis™ ChairsideTechnique


1. Place soft wax to record relative position of abutments.

2. Record position of abutments in soft wax. Alternatively, abutments could be marked with a wet ink prior to inserting denture for recording an ink transfer mark.

3. Mark position of abutments on denture.

4. Liberally relieve denture to accommodate Brevis™ housings and confirm position intra-orally.

5. Place rubber dam apron over abutments.

6. Apply Vaseline™ under rubber dam apron.

7. Snap Brevis™ housing onto abutments.

8. Sufficiently apply fluid acrylic to Brevis™ housing to prevent displacement of housing upon insertion of denture.

9. Place minimal acrylic into relieved denture.

10. Patient clenches bilaterally on cotton rolls while acrylic sets.

11. Polish excess acrylic from denture.














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