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Ceramo-Metal Restorations

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Impression Options One: Implant-level Impression

1. Choose the appropriately sized titanium impression post according to the diameter of the implant well.

2. Insert the titanium impression post into the well of the implant with finger pressure only.

3. Snap the appropriate impression sleeve onto the impression post.

4. Inject impression material around the plastic impression sleeve and make impression.

5. After making the impression, plastic impression sleeve should be withdrawn within the impressionwhiletitaniumpost remains in the implant well.

6. Remove titanium impression post from implant Assemble the post with the appropriate implantanalog Insertthisunit into the plastic sleeve in the impression Pour soft tissue model The laboratory technician may now choose the proper abutment for a PFM or IAC restoration.






Impression Options Two: DIrect Abutment Level Impression

1. Choose an appropriately sized abutment and definitively seat the abutment with a gentle tapping force.

2. The abutment may be modified intra-orally with irrigation or extra-orally with a #1557 carbide bur, if necessary.

3. Inject impression material around abutment for a direct impression Pour a stone model.

4. Fabricate crown conventionally at laboratory Insert crown with minimal cement.







Impression Options Three: Indirect Abutment Level Impression

1. Definitively seat the abutment with a gentle tapping force Snap impression sleeves onto the unmodified abutment.

2. Inject impression material around the impression sleeves and make impression.

3. Withdraw the plastic impression sleeves in the impression Choose appropriately sized aluminum transfer die and insert the die into the plastic sleeve.

4. Pour a soft tissue model Fabricate crowns conventionally See Bicon Technique Manuals for further information on this procedure.





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