Saturday, August 13th 2022 10:46PM EDT

Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC): Laboratory Technique

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Finishing and Glazing

1. Trim entire crown using DiamondFine cut carbide bur (double blue band) followed by the Titanium Nitrite coated carbide bur (gold top) and clean with 95% Denatured Ethyl Alcohol to remove residual dust and debris.

2. The IAC holding device must allow the crown to be suspended in the activator solution without touching the sides of the container. No holding device is packaged with the kit. It is recommended to fabricate one out of an implant analog and acrylic, or an implant analog and a wire that will rest on top of the glazing solution container.

3. Place the IAC into the holding device.

4. Apply 1-2 layers of Ceramo Coupler with a fresh disposable brush tip allowing each layer to dry between applications.

5. Apply a thin layer of SuperClear coat VLC liquid using a soft sable brush.

6. Suspend IAC in the SuperClear coat activator and light cure for 3-4 minutes. The crown may be either suspended in the solution, or immersed in the solution.

7. Remove the crown from the activator and rinse clean with water or steam.


Keys to Success

  • The crown must not touch any other object while submerged in the SuperClear coat activator.
  • If insufficent shine is present, repeat the entire process.
  • Do not over prepare the surface. Too smooth a surface will cause the Ceramo Coupler, VCL liquid and SuperClear coat activator to pool or not cover an area.


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