Tuesday, January 18th 2022 5:32PM EST

Overdenture: Brevis Abutment

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Indirect Transfer Impression


1. A registration of the denture’s occlusal relationship prior to the uncovering of the implants will assure that the denture is not inappropriately displaced by the abutment or its housing.

2. Uncover each implant using a small crestal incision and use the healing plug removal instrument to facilitate the removal of the black healing plug.

3. Use a shoulder depth gauge to facilitate the selection of the abutment height.

4. Place guide pins into the implants to determine the axial inclination of the implants.

5. Rotate a combination of 0˚ and/or 15˚ angled abutments to achieve parallelism prior to their being seated. Brevis abutments are available in heights of 2.0, 4.0 and 6.0mm.

6. Seat black plastic impression caps onto the Brevis abutments.

7. Make impression using Brevis impression caps. Do not make a direct impression of the titanium abutments.

8. Insert the aluminum transfer dies into the impression caps prior to the pouring of a master stone model.

9. Block out undercuts on the model.


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