Wednesday, May 31st 2023 12:19AM EDT

My Evolving Views on Bicon SHORT® Implants After Using Them Extensively for Eight Years – Prof. DDr. Rolf Ewers [HD]

Please join Rolf Ewers, MD, DMD, Ph.D. on his journey with Bicon SHORT® Implants as his views have evolved over time — from initial disbelief to using them extensively for over eight years. Prof. DDr. Ewers also considers how Bicon’s bacterial seal, double platform switching, screwless locking-taper connection, slow drilling at 50RPM, callus bone healing principle, and Haversian-like bone morphology result in unmatched clinical capabilities. He also examines how TRINIA® metal-free CAD/CAM fiber-reinforced resin material can further expand the clinical capabilities of Bicon SHORT® Implants. After multiple long-term clinical studies, Prof. DDr. Ewers concludes that maybe “less is more”.

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