Tuesday, May 30th 2023 11:30PM EDT

Unmatched Clinical Capabilities of TRINIA® – Drs. Vincent J. Morgan and Estevam Bonfante [HD]

On May 27, 2020, Vincent J. Morgan, DMD, and Estevam Bonfante, DDS, MS, Ph. D, co-presented a live webcast discussing TRINIA®, a metal-free ceramic matrix CAD/CAM material.

During the first portion, Dr. Morgan introduces TRINIA® as a fiber-reinforced resin with exceptional clinical capabilities and unique properties, which has been successfully used as a dental CAD/CAM material for over ten years.

In the second portion, Dr. Bonfante of The University of São Paulo, Bauru College of Dentistry, Department of Prosthodontics, discusses the challenges of current restorative materials for both short and long-span prostheses and the conclusions of the EAO’s 2018 consensus report, about the unacceptable fracture rates of ceramics. Dr. Bonfante concludes that there is not only an opportunity but also a real need for novel metal-free CAD/CAM restorative materials such as TRINIA®.

During the conclusion, Dr. Morgan presents multiple real-world clinical cases exemplifying TRINIA’s unmatched clinical capabilities and its potential to revolutionize restorative dentistry. He demonstrates that with TRINIA®, patient satisfaction can be achieved with less time, fewer clinical appointments, greater flexibility, and significant financial benefits for both you and your patients.

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