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Cấy ghép hai giai đoạn: Implant 4.0 x 8.0mm cho hàm trên và Phục hình với mão tích hợp IAC

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Video sau đây trình bày việc lên kế hoạch điều trị, chuẩn bị hố xương và cắm một implant 4.0 x 8.0mm đường kính trong 2.5mm cho một răng nanh hàm trên, có sử dụng màng collagen và thủ thuật ghép xương với SynthoGraft™. Sau bốn tháng chờ lành thương, vị trí cắm implant được mở ra, lấy dấu và phục hình với mão tích hợp abutment (IAC). Ngoài ra, ca phẫu thuật còn trình bày việc chỉnh sửa thẩm mỹ cho một mão tích hợp cũ (15 năm).


Two-Stage Placement of a 4.0 x 8.0mm Maxillary Canine Implant and its Restoration with an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC)

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This case study and technique video demonstrates the case planning, osteotomy preparation, and placement of a 4.0 x 8.0mm implant with a 2.5mm well in a maxillary canine site using a collagen membrane and SynthoGraft™ bone grafting procedure. After four months of healing, its uncovering, implant-level impression, and restoration with an Integrated Abutment Crown™ (IAC) are shown. Additionally, the modification of the adjacent 15-year-old lateral incisor IAC to improve gingival aesthetics is demonstrated.


Изготовление и установка протезов из TRINIA® с телескопической фиксацией на универсальных абатментах на верхнюю и нижнюю челюсть с опорой на короткие имплантаты Bicon

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В данном видео показана клиническая методика изготовления и установки протезов из TRINIA с телескопической фиксацией на универсальных абатментах на верхнюю и нижнюю челюсть. Каждый протез фиксируется на 4 опорных коротких имплантата Bicon, два размером 4,5 х 8,0 мм и два размером 5,0 х 6,0 мм. Пациенту 68 лет.


Colocación Inmediata de Implantes Bicon en Sitios de Extracciónes de Molares

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En este video, el Dr. Drauseo Speratti presenta las técnicas para colocar un implante Bicon en sitios de extracciónes de molares.


Immediate Placement of Bicon Implants in Molar Extraction Sites

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In this video, Dr. Drauseo Speratti discusses techniques to place a Bicon implant in a molar extraction sites.


The History of The Bicon Design

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The Bicon System has its origins dating back to 1968. Initial research was conducted at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio by Thomas Driskell. The original implant design of Mr. Driskell used high density aluminum oxide as the implant material. In 1981, Driskell introduced an implant named Titanodont which was made from titanium alloy. Then, in 1985, he perfected his titanium implant design by patenting the DB Precision Implant, which is known today as the Bicon Dental Implant System. Whether Driskell knew it or not at the time he developed this implant system, his design coupled with the clinical support of Bicon has come to revolutionize implant dentistry by offering the innovations of SHORT® Implants, Integrated Abutment Crowns™, SynthoGraft™, and TRINIA® and more.


Interner Sinus Lift in Kombination mit SynthoGraft™ und Restauration mit einer CAD/CAM IAC®

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Dieses Video demonstriert das gleichzeitige Augmentieren eines großen bukkalen Defektes und das Setzen eines 5,0 x 6,0mm Bicon Integra-CP™ Implantat in Verbindung mit einem internen Sinus Lift mit SynthoGraft™. Dabei wird ein Sinus Lift Abutment verwendet und die prothetische Versorgung erfolgt mit einer CAD/CAM gefertigten Integrierten Abutment Krone™ in nur drei Sitzungen.


Rialzo del Seno Interno Utilizzando SynthoGraft™, e Restauro Protesico con un Sistema CAD/CAM IAC®

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Questo video dimostra il simultaneo innesto di osso in un grosso difetto buccale e il posizionamento di un impianto 5,0 x 6,0 mm Bicon Integra-CP™ con una procedura di rialzo del seno interno, utilizzando SynthoGraft™ e un moncone per rialzo del seno mascellare, oltre alla protesizzazione dell’impianto con una IAC (Integrated Abutment Crown™) preparata con CAD/CAM, il tutto in sole in tre visite cliniche.


Internal Sinus Lift using SynthoGraft™ and Restoration with a CAD/CAM IAC®

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This video demonstrates the simultaneous bone grafting of a large buccal defect and placement of a 5.0 x 6.0mm Bicon Integra-CP™ Implant with an internal sinus lift procedure using SynthoGraft™ and a sinus lift abutment, as well as the implant’s restoration with a CAD/CAM fabricated Integrated Abutment Crown™ in only three clinical visits.


Guided Bone Regeneration Using SynthoGraft™ and the Uncovering of a Bicon SHORT® Implant

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On April 4, 2011, Bicon presented a webcast featuring a live demonstration by Doctor Shadi Daher and Doctor Vincent Morgan to practitioners around the world. The demonstration included two cases. The first case was the extraction of a carious tooth followed by guided bone regeneration utilizing SynthoGraft™. The second case was the uncovering of a Bicon SHORT® Implant.