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Bicon Digital Prosthetics Terms and Warranties
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Thank you for choosing Bicon Digital Prosthetics.

If you require shipping supplies for your cases to be sent to Bicon Digital Prosthetics, please provide your information below. Bicon Digital Prosthetics will send you a package that contains shipping labels and boxes.

To schedule a pick-up with FedEx using the preprinted label provided to you by Bicon Digital Prosthetics, please call (800) 238-5355.

All incoming shipments to Bicon Digital Prosthetics that are billed to the Bicon Digital Prosthetics FedEx Account must use a preprinted label from Bicon Digital Prosthetics. Unauthorized use of the Bicon Digital Prosthetics courier accounts will incur a minimum $40.00 surcharge including any requests for Saturday delivery or pick-ups.

Thank you for choosing Bicon Digital Prosthetics. We look forward to working with you!

NOTE: This service is provided for USA customers only.


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