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Instrumentation: Tray Contents

Comprehensive Surgical Kit (click numbers for more information)

Comprehensive Surgical Kit Shoulder Depth Gauge Removal Wrench Implant Inserters/Retrievers Bone Depth Gauge/Bone Plugger Threaded Straight Handle Threaded Offset Handle Latch Reamers Pilot Drills Healing Plug Removal Instruments Latch Reamer Extension Paralleling Pin Osteotomes Implant/Abutment Seating Tips Threaded Instrument Adapter Threaded Knob Sulcus Formers Guide Pins Hand Reamers



1. Shoulder Depth Gauge

Depth Gauge

Designed to facilitate the proper abutment height when using the Brevis™ or Stealth Shouldered Abutments. It may be attached to the handle depicted in #3. View Video [Back to Top]



2. Removal Wrench

Removal Wrench

The removal wrench is designed to loosen hand reamers, osteotomes, chisels and bone expanders from a threaded straight handle or a threaded knob. View Video [Back to Top]



3. Double Ended Osteotomy Depth Gauge

Bone Depth Gauge/Bone Plugger

The double ended osteotomy depth gauge is designed to facilitate the measuring of the osteotomy’s depth. View Video [Back to Top]



4. Threaded Straight Handle

Threaded Straight Handle

The straight handle is designed to be used with all threaded instrumentation: hand reamers, sulcus reamers, inserters/retrievers, tissue punches, osteotomes, chisels, bone expanders, seating tips and impression reamers. View Video [Back to Top]



5. Implant Inserters/Retrievers

Implant Inserters/Retrievers

The inserters/retrievers are designed for use with either a threaded knob or a threaded straight handle to assist in the placement and retrieval of certain implants depending upon the clinical situation. It is essential for a clinician to understand how an implant is disengaged from the inserter/retriever instrument prior to using it intra-orally. View Video [Back to Top]



6. Threaded Offset Handle

Threaded Offset Handle

The offset handle is designed for use with implant and abutment seating tips when direct access is not possible. View Video [Back to Top]



7. Latch Reamers

Latch Reamers

The latch reamers are designed to prepare an osteotomy and to harvest autogenous graft material without irrigation at a maximum speed of 50RPM. Two lengths are available to accommodate a variety of clinical situations. Markings are placed at 6.0, 8.0, 11.0, and 14.0mm. View Video [Back to Top]



8. Latch Reamer Extension

Latch Reamer Extension

The latch reamer extension is designed to lengthen a latch reamer to facilitate access when adjacent teeth interfere with the handpiece head. If the latch reamer is not fully engaged in the latch extension prior to being used, the latch reamer may become stuck or permanently damaged in the latch reamer extension. View Video [Back to Top]



9. Pilot Drills

Pilot Drill

Pilot Drill Extended

The pilot drill is available in two different lengths depending upon the access to the osteotomy. They are designed to prepare the initial pilot osteotomy at 1000RPM and to establish the osteotomy’s trajectory. Markings are placed at 6.0, 8.0, 11.0, and 14.0mm. They may be used for 15-20 surgeries. View Video [Back to Top]



10. Healing Plug Removal Instrument

Healing Plug Removal Instrument (Manual)

The removal instrument is designed to facilitate the removal of the healing plug from the implant’s well during the second stage surgical procedure. View Video [Back to Top]



11. Paralleling Pins

The paralleling pins are designed as an aid to properly align pilot osteotomies and subsequently the implants. The Comprehensive and Advanced Surgical Kits contain two 0° pins. The Introductory Surgical Kit contains one 0° paralleling pin. View Video [Back to Top]



12. Osteotomes


The Bicon Osteotomes are available in 5 diameters corresponding to Bicon implant diameters. They may be placed on either a threaded straight handle or an offset handle and are used for internal sinus lifting procedures. View Video [Back to Top]




13. Implant/Abutment Seating Tips

Implant/Abutment Seating Tips

The seating tips are designed for use with a threaded straight or offset handle to facilitate the proper seating of an implant or an abutment. When using the implant seating tips, it is imperative that the seating tips be fully seated into the well of the implant. View video. [Back to Top]



14. Threaded Instrument Adapter

Hand Reamer Extension

The threaded instrument adapter allows hand reamers to be used with a contra-angle handpiece. View Video [Back to Top]



15. Hand Reamers

Hand Reamers

The hand reamers are designed to be used with a threaded straight handle to manually prepare an osteotomy. View Video [Back to Top]



16. Guide Pins

Guide Pins

The standard guide pins are designed to be used as a guide for the sulcus reamers. They are available in three sizes corresponding to the diameters of the internal connection of Bicon's implants. They may also be used to assess the trajectory of an implant as well as to check for how well an implant has osseointegrated. View Video [Back to Top]



17. Sulcus Formers

The sulcus formers are designed to remove any soft tissue or bone above the implant that could prevent the locking taper engagement of an abutment into the well of the implant. They are used in conjunction with the guide pins in #16 above. View Video [Back to Top]



18. Threaded Knob

Threaded Knob

The threaded knob is designed to be used with threaded instrumentation: sulcus reamers, inserters/retrievers, tissue punches, and hand reamers. View Video [Back to Top]