Wednesday, April 26th 2017 9:37AM EDT

Short Implants and Fixed On Short

THE BICON DESIGN is an example of a time proven geometric design that successfully transfers the occlusal forces on its prosthetics to its surrounding bone by appropriately integrating the following features: a bacterially-sealed, 1.5 degree locking taper abutment to implant connection and a sub-crestally placed, sloping shouldered implant with a plateaued tapered root form body.

When used with the cementless and screwless Integrated Abutment Crown (IAC) restoration, the Bicon implant makes it easier to achieve gingival aesthetics for every case.

Additionally, because of Bicon's 360˚ of abutment positioning, clinical chair time is significantly reduced for fixed prostheses when used with TRINIA, a metal-free CAD/CAM, fiber resin framework.



Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to the unique design and benefits of SHORT® Implants
  • Presentation of clinical cases featuring SHORT® Implants
  • Fixed on SHORT® full arch restorations on four implants
  • TRINIA™ metal-free CAD/CAM restorations
  • Solutions and techniques that can significantly reduce chair time, complexity, and costs

Audience: New and experienced implant clinicians
Date: Varies
Tuition: FREE!
CE Credits: 4 hours
Lecturer: Dr. Shadi Daher
(For 2/4/2016, Lecturer: Dr. Drauseo Speratti)

Light refreshments will be served.

Note: Bicon will coordinate a mutually convenient time for this and other presentations for you and your study club. If you are interested in our presenting to your group, please contact Education at 800.882.4266 and press “3”.

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