Thursday, September 24th 2020 3:14PM EDT

Advanced Techniques: Internal Sinus Lift

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Internal Sinus Lift Technique

Note the minimal residual bone depth of 5.0–8.0mm. Prepare osteotomy beginning with the 2.0mm Pilot Drill.
Continue to prepare osteotomy with successively larger reamers to the extent that 1.0–2.0mm of undisturbed bone remains below the sinus floor. A 5.0mm diameter implant has been chosen for this case. Place a 5.0mm Bicon sinus lift osteotome into the osteotomy and engage the area slightly below the sinus floor.
Gently tap the osteotome and create a hairline fracture around the floor of the osteotomy. Place a bone graft material such as SynthoGraft™ into the socket.
Introduce the implant into the osteotomy site with the implant inserter and use the implant to raise the sinus floor. Disengage the implant inserter from the implant. Insert and cut the healing plug.
Place bone graft material over the shoulder of the implant. Suture and wait a minimum of 14-16 weeks prior to uncovering.


Internal Sinus Lift with Sinus Lift Temporary Abutment

Alternatively, a Bicon sinus lift temporary abutment may be inserted into the implant to prevent the implant from migrating into the sinus. Either suture around or over the sinus lift abutment.


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