Bicon MAX 2.5™ Implants

MAX 2.5™ Maxillary Anterior Implants

THE MAX 2.5™ IMPLANT has an enhanced locking taper connection that has been designed for maxillary anterior restorations. Advances in manufacturing capabilities have allowed Bicon to offer this innovation with a 2.5mm diameter internal connection providing greater retention.

  • MAX 2.5™ Implants are Bicon's maxillary anterior implants designed for single or multiple tooth restorations.

  • Enhanced locking taper connection with a 2.5mm diameter that still allows for retrievability.

  • Time-proven Bicon design principles: plateaus, sloping shoulder, and bacterially-sealed connection with 360˚ of universal abutment positioning.

  • Available in four implant sizes and includes a full range of Non-Shouldered, Stealth Shouldered, Temporary, Brevis™, and Healing Abutments.


  • The MAX 2.5™ Implants complement Bicon's SHORT™ and NARROW™ Implants.

While designed for the maxillary anterior region, MAX 2.5™ Implants may be used in all areas of the mouth.


MAX 2.5™ Implants


MAX 2.5™ Implant Clinical Images


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MAX 2.5™ Webcast Replay

Placement of a Bicon MAX 2.5™ Implant using an Immediate Stabilization and Function Technique (25:50)

4/7/2010 Worldwide Live Broadcast
On April 7, 2010, Bicon presented a webcast featuring a live demonstration by Dr. Shadi Daher and Dr. Vincent Morgan to practitioners around the world. The demonstration included the placement of a 4.5 x 8.0mm Bicon MAX 2.5™ Implant using an Immediate Stabilization and Function Technique, followed by the fabrication of a two-unit splint using temporization sleeves.