“I have been placing dental implants since 1982, and I have been a Bicon customer since 1996. Since 1997, I have successfully used the 6.0mm Bicon SHORT® Implant in cases that would have required grafting procedures and, in some instances, even nerve repositioning. The Bicon SHORT® Implant provides implant treatment for patients who otherwise may not have gone forward with their treatments.”

Clarence C. Lindquist | Oral Surgeon • Washington, D.C.

“I have been placing Bicon implants since 1997, and love their simplicity and reliability. I’ve been using the Bicon SHORT® Implant since it first came out in the UK. Although I am experienced in all types of bone grafting for dental implants, this SHORT® Implant frequently allows my patients to avoid the need for any grafting at all. I have to worry less and less about sinuses and nerves as the SHORT® Implant allows me to stay well away from them—patient acceptance for implant treatment soars when you don’t have to tell them about bone grafts!”

Bill Schaeffer | Oral Surgeon • London, United Kingdom

“If you have used a product long enough, you begin to see its strengths and weaknesses. After twenty-one years of using the Bicon Implant, I can only praise it. It is truly a predictable and simple implant system that works well in all areas of the mouth.”

William Grippo | Periodontist • Napa, CA

“I have worked with dental implants everyday of my professional career since 1974. When I started using the Bicon Dental Implant in 1986, I noticed a definite increase in case success along with more versitility of prosthetic design. When an entire practice depends upon the success of dental implants, it is reassuring to know a product like Bicon exists.”

Albert Kurpis | Prosthodontist • New York, NY

“I have used the Bicon Implant System since 1986. I have placed over 1,000 implants and have lost only four; this implant has made this procedure the most successful thing we do in our practice....I wish to thank Tom Driskell for inventing the implant and Bicon for continuing to evolve it....I wish all dentistry could be as gratifying.”

Donald Rothenberg | General Dentist • Marblehead, MA

“I have been utilizing the Bicon Implant System almost exclusively for ten years. It is the most user friendly system, especially from a prosthetic standpoint.”

Kenneth S. Goldblatt | Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Silver Spring and Gaithersburg, MD