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Bicon’s massive library of videos is available on YouTube! This includes all of our webcast replays, technique videos, case studies, and scientific lectures.


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TRINIA™: The Metal-Free CAD/CAM Solution

TRINIA™ is a metal-free fiber-reinforced resin material used for bars, copings, bridges, and telescopic restorations.

TRINIA Metal-Free Prosthetics

TRINIA Metal-Free Prosthetics

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Metal-Free Fixed Restorations with Bicon Dental Implants

A metal-free fixed restoration featuring a TRINIA™ prosthesis with distal cantilevers supported by four 4.0 x 5.0mm SHORT® Implants.

Metal-Free Fixed Restoration

Images courtesy of Rolf Ewers, MD, DMD, Ph.D. • Professor and Former Chairman, University Hospital for Cranio Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, Medical University of Vienna • Director, CMF-Institute of Vienna for Cranio Maxillofacial and Oral Rehabilitation and Telemedicine

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Bone Gain and Bicon Dental Implants

The Haversian and cortical-like bone around the Bicon design is unlike the appositional bone around threaded implants and provides for unmatched clinical capabilities.

Bone Gain

Bone Gain

Urdaneta, R.A., Daher, S., Leary J., Emanuel K., Chuang, S.K., Tovar, L.A., Factors Associated with Crestal Bone Gain on Single-Tooth Locking-Taper Implants: The Effect of NSAIDs, Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2011;26:1063-1078

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Crown-to-Implant Ratios and Bicon Dental Implants

Crown-to-implant ratio guidelines for natural teeth need not be applied to Bicon dental implants.

Crown-to-Implant Ratios

Crown-to-Implant Ratios

Urdaneta, R., Rodriguez, S., McNeil, C., Weed, M., and Chuang, S., The Effect of Increased Crown-to-Implant Ratio on Single-Tooth Locking-Taper Implants, Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants, 2010;25:729-743

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